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What truly sets Charlie apart, however, is his humility and openness

By Brian Walrod, CEO Current Home Solar

Having had the privilege to work alongside Charlie during our time at a previous solar company, I was well-acquainted with his expertise and professionalism. When I embarked on my own venture, there was no doubt in my mind about who I wanted as our outside General Counsel.

Charlie has been an invaluable asset to our company ever since.

Working with Charlie is a seamless experience. His approachability and easy-going nature make collaboration effortless. Beyond just addressing issues reactively, Charlie has a proactive mindset. He’s been instrumental in crafting agreements and settling matters upfront, ensuring we sidestep potential pitfalls down the road. This foresight has not only saved us countless hours but also significant financial resources.

What truly sets Charlie apart, however, is his humility and openness. He’s always receptive to ideas, fostering an environment of constructive back-and-forth correspondence. His ability to connect is unparalleled. Whether it’s with our staff or our customers, Charlie has a mediative touch that often defuses tensions and prevents conflicts from escalating. On numerous occasions, his interventions have dissuaded customers from pursuing legal actions, a testament to his interpersonal skills and legal acumen.

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